carry-save adder

carry-save adder
Engineering: CSA

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  • Carry-save adder — MotivationA carry save adder is a type of digital adder, used in computer microarchitecture to compute the sum of three or more n bit numbers in binary. It differs from other digital adders in that it outputs two numbers of the same dimensions as …   Wikipedia

  • Carry-lookahead adder — 4 bit adder with carry lookahead A carry lookahead adder (CLA) is a type of adder used in digital logic. A carry lookahead adder improves speed by reducing the amount of time required to determine carry bits. It can be contrasted with the simpler …   Wikipedia

  • Carry — or carrying may refer to: *Carry (arithmetic), when a digit becomes bigger than limit and the extra is moved to the left **Carry flag, the equivalent in calculation in a computer *Carrying (basketball), a rule breach in basketball *Carry… …   Wikipedia

  • Carry look-ahead adder — A carry look ahead adder is a type of adder used in digital logic. It can be contrasted with the simpler, but usually slower, ripple carry adder ( see adder for detail on ripple carry adders ). A ripple carry adder works in the same way as pencil …   Wikipedia

  • Adder (electronics) — In electronics, an adder or summer is a digital circuit that performs addition of numbers.In modern computers adders reside in the arithmetic logic unit (ALU) where other operations are performed.Although adders can be constructed for many… …   Wikipedia

  • Adder-subtracter — In digital circuits, an adder subtracter is a circuit that is capable of adding or subtracting numbers (in particular, binary).Below is a circuit that does adding or subtracting depending on a control signal.However, it is possible to construct a …   Wikipedia

  • Subtractor — In electronics, a subtractor can be designed using the same approach as that of an adder.The binary subtraction process is summarized below.As with an adder, in the general case of calculations on multi bit numbers, three bits are involved in… …   Wikipedia

  • Вычитатель — В электронике вычитатель может быть выполнен, используя такой же подход, как и в сумматоре. Возможны как минимум два вида вычитателей: Вычитатель в прямых кодах. Вычитатель в дополнительных кодах, на обычном сумматоре с аппаратным получением кода …   Википедия

  • Wallace-Tree-Multiplizierer — Der Wallace Tree Multiplizierer ist in der Digitaltechnik eine Schaltung zur effizienten Multiplikation zweier Binärzahlen. Im Wallace Tree erfolgt die Multiplikation über mehrere Stufen. In der ersten werden alle Bits der beiden Faktoren… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • CSA — NOTOC CSA may refer to:* Canadian Space Agency * Canadian Standards Association * Casting Society of America * Central des Syndicats Autonomes du Bénin (Autonomous Trade Unions Centre) a trade union centre in Benin * Central Statistical Agency of …   Wikipedia

  • Karatsuba algorithm — The Karatsuba multiplication algorithm, a technique for quickly multiplying large numbers, was discovered by Anatolii Alexeevich Karatsuba in 1960 and published in the joint paper with Yu. Ofman in 1962. It reduces the multiplication of two n… …   Wikipedia

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